How To Find In-Demand, High Conversion Offers To Promote, Monetize, & Build A Recurring Income Stream

Honestly, that headline above is a MAJOR underpromise for what we’re about to show you. We really just wrote it down because we know that it’s something you’re looking for.


Every affiliate marketer, list owner, social influencer, podcaster, blogger, vlogger, etc. (basically anyone with an audience) is constantly looking for the next great product to promote.

Preferably something high-ticket... that converts through the roof… and pays out recurring commissions… and fills a massive need for everybody who uses the internet.

After all… isn’t that the holy grail of affiliate marketing?

We’re here to tell you that it’s not.

There’s something much MUCH bigger…

Something that nobody else is doing...

Something that will change the way you run your business forever...

So now that we’ve (hopefully) grabbed your attention, let me take a 2nd run at that headline:

Discover A Unique & Powerful Approach To Affiliate Marketing That Will Help You Turn Your Short-Term Wins Into Recurring Commissions & Long-Term Wealth-Building


Are you ready?

Oh, but before we dig in… some housekeeping. To preempt any confusion about whether or not you’re in the right place, we need to define a term:

Pro·mot·er / prəˈmōdər/


1. From here on out, we'll be using the blanket term “promoter” to refer to anybody who has an audience to market products and services to (i.e. affiliate marketers, list owners, social influencers, podcasters, bloggers, vloggers, etc.). Which includes you!

(even if you normally don’t promote products… if you have an audience, and want to use it to make some big time money, consider yourself a “promoter” too!)


The Simple Truth Is That The Affiliate Marketing Model Is Broken… And Not In Your Favor

Maybe this will be news to you… or maybe it’s a truth you’ve wrestled with for awhile… but here’s a cold hard fact about affiliate marketing: The system is rigged against you.

Not that you can’t be successful. It’s not particularly difficult to make some money, if not a livable salary, by promoting products for commissions.

There are certain limiting factors baked into the system, that you’ll never be able to break away from...

To be specific, as a promoter using the typical affiliate marketing model you will ALWAYS be restricted by #1) value deficit and #2) a lack of scalability.

Let me explain...

1 You’re Trading Something Valuable, But You’re Not Getting Much Value In Return

As a promoter, your main asset is your audience and the attention they give you. Attention is scarce these days. Or, at least, attention has been fragmented into so many tiny pieces that it’s nearly a miracle when you can catch it.

Of course, anybody can throw up a clickbait headline and steal a minute or two of attention… but attracting real, lasting attention requires time, investment, authenticity, and often expertise. That’s why it’s so valuable.

And that’s also why businesses need your help marketing their products and services. So much so that they’re willing to pay up to 50% commissions (sometimes even more!) on the products and services that you sell...

This dynamic — desperate businesses willing to pay good money for people to promote their products — is what makes affiliate marketing appear to be extremely lucrative from the outside looking in.

But, in reality, those one-time cash payments (even when the commission % is high) are paltry in comparison with the value you’ve just created for the product owner.

Smart business owners are able to continue extracting value the entire way along the customer journey. Plus, each new customer increases the company’s valuation when it comes to merger/ acquisition negotiations.

In the end, a SaaS business owner will be able to 10X every dollar you bring in (you’ll see exactly how in a minute). Which means they’re getting an insane amount of value from your audience.

And you’re just left with a one-time (or very rarely recurring) cash commission that is only going to last until the next promotion you run…

2 Rising Revenues Can Be Deceptive… And Also Completely Unhelpful

Ready to move up into the next tax bracket? Don’t get your hopes up, because affiliate marketing is not an easy revenue model to grow, much less scale.

Which might sound weird at first, because growing your revenue as a promoter is as simple as ramping up your audience… as show in this Chart #1:

Audience growth, however, is an involved, expensive process… Whether you’re trying to increase social media follows, email list subscribers, podcast listens, etc... you’re dealing with massive content creation & distribution, advertising campaigns, PR blasts, and more...

...and none of those are cheap options.

Which means you need to spend a hefty chunk of money every time you want to make more money. Which leaves the graph actually looking more like this (Chart #2):

Once you take into account all the money you’ve spent growing your audience, those increasing sales numbers don’t look so great anymore.

If you do everything right, you’ll manage some incremental growth. Enough to inch closer to the next tax bracket each year. But you definitely won’t grow enough to buy that life that you've been daydreaming about.


So What’s The Solution?

You could always flip the script and try to create and sell your own product / service. But that’s going to take you time, effort, expertise… and there’s no guarantee that you’ll even achieve a product-market fit.

There are ways to build an audience without spending the bulk of your cash flow… strategies like SEO, guerilla marketing, making a video that happens to go viral…

But these methods are extremely time consuming, and also mostly hit-or-miss…

So what can you possibly do to scale a successful affiliate marketing revenue strategy that leverages the full value of your audience?

Let me peel back the curtain and show you the way...


INTRODUCING… Unicorn Equity!

We’ve built a matchmaking marketplace that connects promoters (like you) with leading SaaS businesses who are willing to pay a portion of your commissions with equity in their company. You’ll earn residual cash payments generated from promoting subscription offers while also gaining ownership stakes in the companies you promote. We call it “Equity Affiliate Marketing.” It’s an opportunity for you to invest for long-term wealth while getting paid at the same time.


Here’s How You Can 10X Your Results With Equity Marketing:

Remember how we mentioned earlier that the system is “rigged” in the product owners’ favor? Check this out...

SaaS companies are being consistently valued at 10X their revenue in IPOs and merger/acquisitions...

(Even during market downturns and stock selloffs, these valuations have remained unshakable.)

...and that means every dollar you generate for a SaaS product owner is actually worth $10 in the long run.

But while you continue to get paid in cash, the product owners are putting all that wealth that you helped generate straight into their own pockets.

Wouldn’t you like to share in that future payday? And turn your short-term wins into recurring commissions & long-term wealth-building?

Tech companies have long allowed key employees to participate through stock options…

When Facebook went public, they created over 1,000 new millionaires. All employees who accepted equity-based compensation for the work they did to help with growth.

Shouldn’t promoters have the same opportunity? With UnicornEquity you can. We provide the only way for promoters to get long-term through affiliate marketing.

This is your opportunity to shore up your short term gains with your very own investment portfolio of products you believe in.


Which Way Is Risker? Cash Vs. Investment

For the especially risk-averse, the idea of giving up some of your cash for an investment opportunity might trigger a few nerves.

But check out this quick note that Warren Buffet wrote in a letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders:

Even though stock prices will always be far more volatile than cash-equivalent holdings. Over the long term, however, currency-denominated instruments are riskier investments – far riskier investments – than widely-diversified stock portfolios that are bought over time and that are owned in a manner invoking only token fees and commissions.

Warren Buffet to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders

And if you’re telling yourself something like, “But I’d still rather just have the full commissions in cash and then invest in the stock market however I see fit?”

Yes, that’s a perfectly valid option. And we know all about do-it-yourself investing — one of our founders invented an entire algorithm that uses data to make successful stock market trades.

So if you’re just looking to set a little bit aside each month and grow a retirement portfolio, shoot us an email anytime. we’ll show you the way.

But if you’re ready to build an investment portfolio that fundamentally changes your financial situation, then this is your chance to really make some major moves...

This is an opportunity to hit the next Dropbox or Stripe or Clickfunnels as an investor in the ground floor…

Rather than waiting for the IPO and buying expensive stock like everyone else, you’ll be getting in long before they go public (and at a much lower valuation)

Normal people don’t get this opportunity. This is some angel investor shit. This is some Y Combinator shit. Or if you’re feeling a little bit Hollywood... this is some Shark Tank shit!


FYI… You’ll Still Get Cash To Cover Your Costs

Cash commissions

We know that cash flow is still vital for covering the bills, growing your audience, and paying yourself. So you’ll still receive a portion of your commissions in cash.

Monthly payments

And since the SaaS companies use subscription models, those commissions will continue to flow into your bank account on a monthly basis.


And Don't Worry, You'll Have Full Visibility of All Your Stats Within Our Dashboards

Most promoters have a horror story or two about dealing with shady clients or uncertain payment terms. That won’t happen with UnicornEquity.

We ensure that compensation will be clearly established up front and that product owners will follow through with their promises.

Our platform is built to make things simple and safe for promoters, with reliable link-tracking plus an intuitive dashboard for tracking clicks, conversion, commission, and equity stakes, all in one place.


Take A Peek Inside UnicornEquity’s Unique and Powerful Platform

Instant Access To In-Demand, High Conversion Offers

Your promotion network is a brand, and you only want to choose quality offers that are the perfect match for your audience and fit your reputation.

With UnicornEquity, you’ll be able to source attractive partnership opportunities from a centralized, intuitive platform.

UnicornEquity promoters enjoy full-access to the best up-and-coming SaaS companies with recurring revenue offers. Get cash commissions for your sales and earn equity ownership in products that you really believe in.

Intuitive Analytics Dashboard

Check out the at-a-glance dashboard to quickly and easily track key metrics like clicks, conversions, commissions, and equity stakes — all in one place.

We also provide clear compensation tables/models to help you fully understand how you’re being compensated with short-term commissions, recurring revenue, and long-term ownership in businesses.

Key Industry Insights, Trends, and Strategies

Too many promotion schemes encourage transactional thinking: promoters monetize one offer and then move on to the next one. But our equity-driven system is designed to build a loyal long-term relationship that’s profitable for the long-haul: limit churn rates and start working with promoters who think like shareholders.


You Can Start Building Investment Equity Immediately

Owning equity in a leading tech startup is literally just a few clicks away. Sign up for UnicornEquity as a promoter, choose a product that fits with your audience, and send out your promotion. You’ll start earning equity from your very first sale!

There’s no better time to start investing than now..


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Joining with Early Access is your chance to get first-choice of the best and most promising SaaS offers (many of the product owners will cap the percentage of equity they are willing to give up).