Finally, there’s a better way to leverage, grow, & scale your SaaS business...

What’s The Most Efficient Way To Grow & Scale Your MRR But Still Have Enough Cash In The Bank To Pay For Operating Expenses, Payroll, Development Cost, And Adding New Features?


In the next few minutes, if you’ll allow it, we’d like to shake up your reality… just a little bit, and in a very good way. As a SaaS business owner, you spend a lot of time working various angles to increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue numbers...

Tweaking and upgrading the user experience to mitigate churn… brainstorming creative new ways to acquire customers… it’s a full time job.

Which is unfortunate, because you’d probably rather spend your time doing pretty much anything else… like planning new features for your software, or even just living your life. But we’re here to tell you that it’s finally time for this constant tug-of-war with your MRR to end… Because you already have everything you need to absolutely thrive!

As long as you’ve got the basics covered — meaning you’ve achieved product-market fit and your UX isn’t a complete catastrophe…

We’d like to introduce you to a one-of-a-kind solution (seriously, nobody is doing this) that will help you consistently grow your MRR in a way that’s highly effective and mostly hands-off. So you can forget survival mode... And get ready to start growing your business for real, and finally start living the life you’ve been working so hard for.

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Life is Tough For SaaS Companies

Let’s take a second to review the most common reasons why SaaS startups fail. After all, the research shows that 92% of SaaS startups are ultimately doomed.
Also, take a minute and try to find the common thread here... because there’s one basic tweak that can solve every one of the following problems.

Cash Flow Problems

Your cash flow can run dry for a myriad of reasons. Like if you’re paying too much to acquire new customers and you never grow out of your expenses...

Or you might run out of money trying to fix software bugs or add new features that your subscriber base is demanding...

Your lofty goals and innovative software don’t count for much once you run out of cash to keep the lights on.


Dan Kennedy has a motto that you’ll find plastered across his blog posts, books, courses, interviews and more…

“Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.”

If you find yourself facing down a competitive landscape where you’re at a major disadvantage in money, brand recognition, etc. you’re not going to last long.

Too Much Churn

A dwindling subscriber count is a slow poison for a SaaS company.

Early adopters might get you through your first year, but as they drop off, you need to find replacements.

If you don’t have a super effective customer acquisition system already lined up to keep your subscriber count stable, and the churn catches up, you’re in big trouble.


The Biggest Difference Between Who Succeeds And Who Fails...

So did you figure it out? The super-special secret antidote to (almost) all SaaS failure? IT’S MONEY!

VC-backed companies will go in the hole for 6–12 months or more to generate a customer. That’s right, they sometimes don’t break even for over a year, but they can do that because they’re burning someone else’s money.

from "Traffic Secrets" by Russel Brunson

Every single one of those problems mentioned above can be solved by throwing money at it. And the proof is in the billion-dollar pudding...

The National Venture Capital Association estimates that only 25% to 30% of venture-backed businesses fail. I’d say that’s some compelling evidence when you compare it to the 92% overall number we mentioned earlier.

How can you possibly compete when you’re up against businesses that can hemorrhage money for over a year (or 14 years if your name is Jeff Bezos)?

I’ll give you a hint: venture capital probably isn’t going to save your business. You only have a 0.05% chance of getting VC money. And if you do, there’s still no guarantee that the influx of cash will lead to an increase in revenue.

You simply need to find another way. A better way. You need to find a better way to acquire a steady stream of high-quality subscribers that doesn’t put a tremendous burden on your finances...


INTRODUCING… Unicorn Equity!

We’ve built a matchmaking marketplace that connects SaaS businesses (like yours) with affiliates, podcasters, bloggers & influencers who are willing to promote your product for cash-less equity in your business! Our unique system will give your cash flow a major boost. Instead of paying out full cash commissions, you’ll pay out affiliates partially in cash and partially in equity. If you want to scale your MRR, then you need a cost-effective, high-leverage customer acquisition strategy. That’s where we come in...


You’re Looking For Customers In All The Wrong Places...

Finding new customers is expensive, time consuming, and even hit-or-miss. Even if you do squeeze out some MRR growth, you’ll probably still sacrifice too much time and money...


Pay-per-click is expensive. If you have any major players in your industry, they’ll bid up the keywords out of your price range. Plus, it doesn’t scale very well.


SEO is a long, long game to play. It’s the slowest of all traffic strategies and it will not move the needle for your MRR in the short term.

Events and conferences

Events and conferences can be a good way to get the word out, but time and travel aren’t cheap. Plus you’ll be battling 100 other startups vying for the attention of attendees.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing may be cheap, but it’s completely unreliable. It requires time, ingenuity, and a bucket load of luck just to pay the smallest of dividends.


Affiliate Marketing, or paying commissions to promoters who drive traffic to your offer, is a cost-effective, high-leverage strategy for getting new customers, fast.


Affiliate Marketing Is The Smart Choice Because:

You Only Pay For Results...

There’s no upfront expense for launching a promotion campaign with an affiliate.

You won’t pay a penny until you have actual paying customers on your books.

With the challenges presented by COVID-19, now is the best time to lean into performance based marketing.

You’re Brand Is Exposed To New Groups Of Warm Traffic...

Affiliates have audiences that you might never reach through other marketing channels.

You’re being endorsed by an “influencer,” which lends instant credibility to your brand.

Endorsements create warm leads which lead to high conversions and more committed customers.

You Can Scale Up Faster Than Other Marketing Channels...

If you want to increase sales, all you have to do is recruit new affiliates.

There’s no other marketing channel that can scale as quickly and easily as affiliate marketing.

Since you only pay commissions on sales, your cash flow continues to increase at a constant rate.

It’s Just So Much Easier In General...

With a few smart systems in place, managing your affiliates is a piece of cake.

Other people are doing your marketing for you, which frees up your time and saves costs on a big marketing team.

You’re dealing with motivated people whose success is tied to yours, rather than opaque algorithms or shots in the dark.


But “Equity Affiliate Marketing” Like An Extra Dose of Rocket Fuel!

Maybe you still have gripes about affiliate marketing. Maybe you’ve experienced underwhelming results in the past that have left a bad taste in your mouth.

I’d like to urge you to take a step back and open up your mind, just for a second, because UnicornEquity is a massive upgrade for all the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing -- and it smooths out the rough spots you may have run into.

Build An Automated Content Engine

When you have a group of invested, impassioned affiliates promoting your software, you also have access to a growing database of marketing content like: quotes, endorsements, testimonials, guest posts, video reviews, podcast interviews (and much more!) to use on your website, in social media, during presentations, and anywhere else.

Plus… that content is the best type of content possible, chock full of authentic social proof from trusted influencers.

Invested Affiliates = Authentic & Passionate Promotion = Better Results

Standard affiliate marketing has a reputation for being a bit of a hassle. chasing them down to pitch your product is a tedious time suck. And once you’ve convinced them to promote. affiliates are rarely 100% committed to the promotion.

But when you add equity into the mix, your affiliates become as invested in the success of the promotion as you are.

Plus, when an affiliate really believes in a product, it will shine through as total authenticity. In the days of consumer skepticism and ad fatigue, authenticity is a vital ingredient for a successful sales campaign.

Reach New Markets, Go Viral

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell explores what’s behind the spread of trends:

"The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts"

UnicornEquity is fully committed to recruiting promoters with that “rare set of social gifts” to spark pockets of potential customers you would never be able to reach on your own.


Take A Peek Inside UnicornEquity’s Unique and Powerful Platform

Post Your Product In Minutes

Even if you already have an in-house affiliate program up and running, UnicornEquity can be fully integrated without a fuss.

Build Loyal Relationships with Promoters for Long Term Profit Generation

Too many promotion schemes encourage transactional thinking: promoters monetize one offer and then move on to the next one. But our equity-driven system is designed to build a loyal long-term relationship that’s profitable for the long-haul: limit churn rates and start working with promoters who think like shareholders.

Instantly Connect With Seasoned Promoters

Our platform empowers you to work with seasoned professionals who live-and-breathe selling quality digital products. You’ll have instant access to proven promoters with the ability to get the word out about your subscription product to a broad audience across multiple channels: e-mail, social, blogs, and podcasts.

More Than Just A Product Posting Board

Along with pushing your offer to the entire promoter tribe of UnicornEquity, we also:

Set up FB lives to their audiences, FB pages, FB groups

Regathering pixels (2x, 3x or even 4x your typical promo results)

Put you on Podcasts with audiences that are a perfect match

Get you on YouTube with big influencers

Interview-style webinars converting 2-3x higher than regular webinars

Build their very own Dream 100, including research, outreach and promotion

We go way beyond what a marketplace listing on Shareasale, Clickbank etc. does for you. We make massive promo efforts. We’ll create the buzz and momentum you need to make a splash.


Instant Growth For Your MRR Is Just Minutes Away

The fate of your SaaS company depends on your ability to keep a steady, profitable number of active subscribers engaged with your product. If you cannot acquire customers consistently and cost-effectively, you will not grow…

UnicornEquity is the smartest path you can take. It’s easy to get started and it’s quick to make a major impact on both your business and your life...


Join UnicornEquity Early Access Now!

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