Where Affiliate Marketers and Growth Capital Meet


What is Equity Affiliate Marketing?

Equity Affiliate Marketing is combining the residual short-term cash-flow generated.
From promoting subscription offers while giving you an opportunity to earn ownership. In the companies you promote. Invest for long-term wealth while getting paid the same time.


Where Smart Companies Grow

Applications for Venture Capital funding only have a .05% chance of successfully acquiring funding. And even if you win the lottery for VC funding, you’re on your own to deploy the newly raised capital: you face the immense pressure to turn raw capital into real, sustainable long-term revenues.

Don’t leave your business idea to chance. UnicornEquity offers a better path forward: guaranteed growth capital through an army of loyal promoters eager to partner with you to build and scale your MRR, increasing the value of your company.


Platform Main Features

Our platform is purpose-built for the needs of promoters (affiliates, influences, bloggers, and podcasters) and subscription-based companies with product/market fit. UnicornEquity offers a synergistic combination of unique products, skilled promoters, and long-term wealth-building opportunities for all platform participants.

Scale Up An Instant Network of Promoters

Find the perfect sales partners and leverage their network and promotion skills to jumpstart growth and build lasting revenue streams. If you already have an in-house affiliate program, UnicornEquity can be fully integrated.

Connect with a Broad Audience of Potential Customers

You’ll have instant access to proven promoters with the ability to get the word out about your subscription product to a broad audience across multiple channels: e-mail, social, blogs, and podcasts. Pick the optimal promoters for your product. Product owners on UnicornEquity even get access to special deals and promotions with affiliate marketers.

Build Loyal Relationships with Promoters for Long Term Profit Generation

Our platform empowers you to work with seasoned professionals who live-and-breathe selling quality digital products. Too many promotion schemes encourage transactional thinking: promoters monetize one offer and then move on to the next one. But our equity-driven system is designed to build a loyal long-term relationship that’s profitable for the long-haul: limit churn rates and start working with promoters who think like shareholders.

Profit from Ownership in the Companies You Help Grow

If you’re enthusiastic about the future of the products you choose to promote, UnicornEquity is the right place for you. You can earn equity stakes that will build your long-term earning power. Build your very own portfolio of products you believe in.

Earn Cash While Choosing the Products You Want to Partner With

Your promotion network is a brand, and you only want to choose quality offers that are the perfect match for your audience and fit your reputation. With UnicornEquity, you can source attractive partnership opportunities from a single intuitive platform.

Transparent Link Tracking, Commissions & Cap Tables

No more shady clients or uncertain payment terms. Compensation will be clearly established up front. Our platform is built to make things simple for promoters, with reliable link-tracking plus an intuitive dashboard for tracking clicks, conversion, commission, and equity stakes, all in one place.