Where Promoters Earn Cash + Equity & SaaS Companies Grow MRR Risk-Free


Where Promoters Earn Cash + Equity & SaaS Companies Grow MRR Risk-Free

We’re similar to other popular online marketplaces, but with a twist…

02.UnicornEquity is the Only Platform that Guarantees MRR Growth for SaaS Companies and long-term Wealth Building for Affiliates.

SaaS Companies
as Sellers

Connect with the world’s best marketers you could never afford, and grow your company, without sacrificing cash flow.

Partner with committed marketers who are invested in continuing to grow company value.

No upfront costs for marketing, pay promoters on performance.

Get the funding you need to grow the company of your dreams.

Affiliates & Influencers
as Promoters

Build long-term wealth by making lucrative investments in companies you love — and still collect cash commissions.

Earn cash + equity in companies you help grow (short & long-term wealth).

Centralized dashboard & portfolio to manage commissions and equity.

Discover relevant offers to increase promotional efforts & wealth.

03.What They Say About Us

As affiliates, we love the opportunity to not only earn cash commissions, but “invest” in companies that will give us windfalls of cash from our efforts in the future!

Joe Fier

Affiliates & Podcast Hosts

We monetize our podcast by endorsing and evangelizing products that we love. Earning short-term income and future wealth from those same efforts has been game-changing!

Matt Wolfe

Affiliates & Podcast Hosts